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The family business

Veyx-Pharma is a medium-sized, German, veterinary pharmaceutical family business founded in 1984.



Research in focus

With our approved products such as products for controlling reproduction, enzymatic preparations and microemulsions we ensure the health maintenance and productive efficiency of your farm animals and pets. Our range of products and services for farm animals meets the consumer demand for residue-free and safe food of animal origin. The intensive contact to agriculture and to animal owners results in products that are needed in practice.



Quality as top priority

In addition to production and distribution of veterinary pharmaceuticals, supplementary feeds and animal care products, research and development are the most important fields of our company. Via the scientific department Veyx-Pharma fosters close collaboration with universities and research centres at home and abroad.



Through responsible and consistent monitoring, efficacy, quality and safety of our products are ensured continuously. These are produced based on modern standards and production facilities. Veyx-Pharma is GMP and QS certified.


The brands of Veyx-Pharma

Pharmaceuticals, animal feeds and care products – the various product ranges are distinguishable by clear designs and brands.


The pharmaceuticals are marked with individual brands:



The umbrella brand SanDitan® covers animal care products:



And the umbrella brand VeyFo® covers animal feeds:



Veyx International

Over the years the enterprise became a more and more international working group. Today, this group with their headquarters in Schwarzenborn, Germany, comprises own manufacturing plants for active ingredients, various pharmaceutical forms as well as world wide distibution.


Veyx-products are approved for marketing from Chile to China, from Canada to Egypt in more than 60 countries. Veyx-Pharma has subsidiaries in Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia.




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