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SanDitan® Panazym Mobile

SanDitan® Panazym Mobile: New name, new composition


Veyx-Pharma at the EuroTier 2018

Once again, the Veyx-Pharma exhibition booth was a place for personal exchange with established and new...


VeyFo® Veyxapron: Stimulation of Rumen Mobility

High-yielding cows particularly but also ewes suffer from metabolic stress during i the first weeks after calving/lambing which means an increased risk of ketosis/acetonaemia.

The target of feeding the Dietetic Feed VeyFo®...


SanDitan® Thermogel green: Skin care

SanDitan® Thermogel green is an animal care product for strained parts of the skin containing, amongst others, camphor and methyl salicylate.

The application of SanDitan® Thermogel green will make the skin more supple and will...


SanDitan® Panazym-Zink Spray: Skin care

SanDitan® Panazym-Zink Spray: Skin care and protection

SanDitan® Panazym-Zinc Spray is an animal care product for strained parts of the skin containing enzymes, zinc oxide, allantoin, lanolin as well as...


VeyFo® Jecuplex: 100 ml bottle

VeyFo® Jecuplex 100 ml presentation

The small bottle is particularly convenient for the application in calves, foals, piglets, cats, dogs, pigeons and aviary birds.

For these species...


VeyFo® Enzyplex: For dogs and cats

VeyFo® Enzyplex: Capsule containing enzymes for cats and dogs

New product in the portfolio of Veyx-Pharma GmbH: The dietetic supplementary feed VeyFo® Enzyplex containing Enzymes, Vitamin E and Selenium in the...


VeyFo® Young Animal-Oral-Mulgat: Phytodiet

VeyFo® Young Animal-Oral-Mulgat: Phytodiet

The general use of antibiotics and sulphonamides for the treatment of digestive disorders associated with diarrhoea is controversial. For this reason Veyx-Pharma developed the...


VeyFo® E-Selenium-Mulgat: To prevent Vitamin E and Selenium deficiency

Vitamin E and Selenium deficiencies very often are the cause for disorders of udder health, increased milk cell counts and fertility disorders. Feeding this Supplementary-/Dietetic Feed VeyFo® E-Selenium-Mulgat will prevent...


VeyFo® Carnitine-E-Mulgat: In case of cardiac insufficiency

L-Carnitine and Vitamin E are of prominent significance for the heart muscle. The dietetic-/supplementary feed VeyFo® Carnitine-E-Mulgat is intended to secure cardiac performance and to support the heart function in case of cardiac...


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