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VeyFo® Multi-Mulgat

VeyFo® Multi-Mulgat in case of vitamin deficiencies During certain periods in life such as e.g. during diseases or growth, the requirements for vitamins are not always satisfied with the daily ration. During these periods the Feed...

VeyFo® Veyxapron

VeyFo® Veyxapron: Stimulation of Rumen Motility High-yielding cows particularly but also ewes suffer from metabolic stress during i the first weeks after calving/lambing which means an increased risk of ketosis/acetonaemia. The...

SanDitan® Thermogel green:

SanDitan® Thermogel green: Care and protection for the skin
SanDitan® Thermogel green is an animal care product for strained parts of the skin containing, amongst others, camphor and methyl salicylate. The...

SanDitan® Panazym-Zink Spray:

SanDitan® Panazym-Zink Spray: Skin care and protection
SanDitan® Panazym-Zinc Spray is an animal care product for strained parts of the skin containing enzymes, zinc oxide, allantoin, lanolin as well as...

VeyFo® FeVit-Mulgat

VeyFo® FeVit-Mulgat: oral iron provision The provision of VeyFo® FeVit-Mulgat will reliably and gently counteract any vitamin and iron. This Supplementary Feed is intended for use in piglets, calves, lambs and goat...

VeyFo® Carnitine-E-Mulgat

VeyFo® Carnitine-E-Mulgat In case of cardiac insufficiency L-Carnitine and Vitamin E are of prominent significance for the heart muscle. The dietetic-/supplementary feed VeyFo® Carnitine-E-Mulgat is intended to secure...

VeyFo® E-Selenium-Mulgat

VeyFo® E-Selenium-Mulgat: to prevent Vitamin E and Selenium deficiency Vitamin E and Selenium deficiencies very often are the cause for disorders of udder health, increased milk cell counts and fertility disorders. Feeding this...

VeyFo® Young Animal-Oral-Mulgat Phytodiet

VeyFo® Young Animal-Oral-Mulgat Phytodiet The general use of antibiotics and sulphonamides for the treatment of digestive disorders associated with diarrhoea is controversial. For this reason Veyx-Pharma developed the...

VeyFo® Pulmo-Mulgat

VeyFo® Pulmo-Mulgat for Horses Disorders of the respiratory tract occur in particular in the winter time. The natural herbal oils and herbal extracts contained in VeyFo®Pulmo-Mulgat promote unhindered...

SanDitan® Panazym Paste HK 15

The animal care product SanDitan® Panazym Paste HK 15 The animal care product SanDitan® Panazym Paste HK 15 cleanses and cares for the skin, hoof and claw. This newly formulated product combines purifying,...
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