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VeyFo® Dog-Motio-Mulgat and VeyFo® Dog-Motio Jelly Bones

The osteoarthritis concept of Dog-Motio

To support the metabolism of joints in the case of osteoarthritis, the well-established product VeyFo® Dog-Motio-Mulgat can be given twice a year over a...


VeyFo® Antilax Bacto Ferm LauriBiotic: for a healthy gut

Calves, piglets, foals, lambs and goat kids often suffer from digestive disorders. The dietetic feed VeyFo® Antilax Bacto Ferm LauriBiotic has been formulated to stabilize the physiological digestion and to regulate the water and...


Veyx-Pharma at the EuroTier 2018

Once again, the Veyx-Pharma exhibition booth was a place for personal exchange with established and new...


VeyFo® Jecuplex: in case of heat stress in poultry

This complementary feed helps broilers, laying hens and turkey-hens to cope more easily with metabolic...


SanDitan® Panazym Mobile: for Mortellaro’s disease

The name of SanDitan® Panazym Paste HK 15 has been changed to SanDitan® Panazym...


VeyFo® Pulmo-Mulgat: for horses

Disorders of the respiratory tract occur in particular in the wintertime. The natural herbal oils and herbal...


VeyFo® Antilax OligoLyt: oral rehydration solution

VeyFo® Antilax OligoLyt is an oral rehydration solution for calves, piglets, foals, lambs and...


VeyFo® Multi-Mulgat: in case of vitamin deficiencies

During certain periods in life such as e.g. during diseases or growth, the requirements for vitamins are not...


VeyFo® Veyxapron: stimulation of Rumen Mobility

High-yielding cows particularly but also ewes suffer from metabolic stress during the first weeks after calving/lambing which means an increased risk of


The target of feeding the Dietetic Feed...


SanDitan® Thermogel green: skin care

SanDitan® Thermogel green is an animal care product for strained parts of the skin containing, amongst others, camphor and methyl salicylate.

The application of SanDitan® Thermogel green will make the skin more...

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