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SanDitan® Panazym Mobile: for Mortellaro’s disease

The name of SanDitan® Panazym Paste HK 15 has been changed to SanDitan® Panazym Mobile. The reason for the name change is the improved composition of the formulation: the animal care product now additionally contains Methyl salicylate.


SanDitan® Panazym Mobile cleans, deodorises and nourishes stressed skin, paws, hoofs and claws. Claw problems as e.g. in the case of dermatitis digitalis (Mortellaro) in particular, very often are the cause for cattle losses in a herd. Claws therefore need special attention. The use of this product is specifically suited for this purpose.


SanDitan® Panazym Mobile removes the culture medium for bacteria and fungi and promotes elasticity of the skin and the hoof horn. The product can be spread perfectly and adheres very well.


SanDitan® Panazym Mobile is offered in a 450 ml can.

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