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Veyx-Pharma at the EuroTier 2018

Once again, the Veyx-Pharma exhibition booth was a place for personal exchange with established and new customers alike. Focus was placed upon the conversation with the very users of our diverse Veyx-product range: veterinarians and farmers. They had the opportunity to inform themselves about new products, innovative concepts of animal health and their practical day-to-day use. Those conversations are of utmost importance to Veyx-Pharma since many successful products have their origins in an exchange with veterinarians and farmers.






The international orientation of the EuroTier led many export partners to the Veyx-Pharma exhibition booth. The Export-Team held many fruitful discussions with company representatives from over 40 countries.


Not only these individual meetings but also the export party organized by Veyx-Pharma reflected the successfully increasing export business and the growing trust in the cooperation over the years.

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