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VeyFo® Jecuplex

VeyFo® Jecuplex 100 ml presentation

The small bottle is particularly convenient for the application in calves, foals, piglets, cats, dogs, pigeons and aviary birds.

For these species VeyFo® Jecuplex is intended to supplement the daily ration during periods of short-term increased needs.

The vital nutrients contained in VeyFo® Jecuplex such as L-Carnitine, Betaine, B-vitamins and the essential amino acids promote the energy metabolism and support digestion and liver function.

Except for the 100 ml presentation VeyFo® Jecuplex is also offered in a 500 ml bottle and a 5-litre canister. The large pack sizes are intended for use as supplementary dietetic feed to reduce the risk of Ketosis/Acetonaemia in dairy cows and ewes as well as to satisfy the extra short-term needs in poultry during highly demanding periods.

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